Most spiders prefer to live outdoors, however it’s very common to find spiders who have ventured inside in search of food and shelter. Although spiders play an important role in the control of other insects such as flies, many people have a phobia about spiders and simply don’t like sharing their homes with them.

If you have a spider infestation it’s important to have it treated quickly by a professional company like Ecokil Pest Control to ensure the problems is controlled sooner rather than latter.

How to identify if you have Spiders

Spider Webs – in most cases spider webs found internally and externally will be the first sign you have spiders.

Burrowssome spider species live in burrows rather than webs so if you find small burrow holes around the external area of your home it could be a sign of spider activity

certain types of species can be found in places such as attics, the junction of a wall and ceiling, closets and storage boxes.

Spider Species

While there is a large number of species of spiders in the Philippines, there is only a small number of species that are commonly found in and around homes and businesses.

Treatment Methods

There is a combination of treatment methods that can be used to eradicate spiders depending on the environment, and where the spider activity has been found. For a thorough treatment it’s important to engage a professional pest control company like Ecokil Pest Control to ensure all spiders are completely eradicated.

Residual Spray: application of residual spray to areas where the spiders are commonly found including around windows, doorways, roller doors, down pipes, underneath eaves and gutters.

Vacuum: vacuuming regularly especially in them hard to access areas behind furniture, cupboards where spiders like to hide.

Insecticide Dust: Application of insecticide dust into crack and crevices, wall cavities, roof voids and subfloors where spiders are often found hiding is a common way to eradicate spider activity