Ecokil Pest Control has over 30 years combined experience providing pest control management solutions to restaurants.

Restaurants are vulnerable to unwanted pests. With food preparation areas, bars, deliveries arriving daily and customers constantly entering the premises, restaurants undoubtedly present an attractive target for many common pests. Preventing cockroaches, ants, rodents, flying insects or any other pest is a regular battle for many restaurants. Restaurant owners work tremendously hard to maintain a level of excellence and comfort for their customers, and the presence of pests can severely damage this image.

In today’s environment of social media and instant online reviews, it just takes one customer to see a pest in your restaurant before your businesses reputation is put at risk, and your revenue negatively impacted.


That’s why selecting a reputable pest control partner is so important. When you choose Ecokil Pest Control you get more than one of the most respected pest management names the Philippines, you also get peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with an experienced pest control business who has extensive knowledge and experience within the Restaurant industry.

To discuss any pest issues you may be experiencing, or to receive an obligation free survey and quote, make sure you contact Ecokil Pest Control Today.