Regular pest control is crucial to ensure a pest free environment for all your staff who work in an office environment. Vermin, birds, rodents and other pests can cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity through staff sick days.

In any office environment, health and safety requirements regarding pest control is paramount. Since pests carry diseases such as bacteria, viruses (especially salmonella) and worms, they can spread these to all areas of your business. These diseases can reach both your workers and your visitors to your office, with devastating effects to their health, and your business reputation

Ecokil Pest Controls customised Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs will factor into account office floor space, daily operations, potential risk areas, regulatory needs, maintenance and sanitation practices to help stop pest problems before they start. Our integrated pest management program will help you get rid of all pests without harming your staff or business any further. It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, we are the experts in removing unwanted rodents and other pests from office environments.

To discuss any pest issues you may be experiencing, or to receive an obligation free survey and quote, please contact Ecokil Pest Control today.