Discovering you have mice living with you can be a frightening experience. Mice are well adapted to living in very close association with humans, sharing our food and shelter, and once they have moved in, it can be difficult to get them to leave. By engaging a professional pest control company is the quickest and most effective way to remove these unwanted pests.

At Ecokil, our trained and qualified pest control technicians are supported by an international management team with extensive experience in rodent eradication. If you have spotted signs of a mice infestation, such as droppings or damaged food packaging, then it’s time to engage Ecokil pest control.

Mice are not as widespread as rats in the Philippines with the most common species found here is the House Mouse.

How to identify if you have Mice

Mice are most active at night and usually hide from humans during the day. Generally speaking, it’s common to spot indicators you have mice, rather than see the actual rat itself. Indicators include:

Mice Droppings: black in colour and look like crack pepper
Urine Smell: constant urine smell in the air
Damaged Food Packaging: Mice will try and chew their way through food packaging such as cereal boxes will build nests from all types of materials found around a home including cardboard, insulation and plastics
Burrows: House mice are renown for digging burrow systems for nesting, providing shelter and storing food

Mice Species

The most common species of mouse found in the Philippines is the house mouse

Treatment Methods

There is a combination of treatment methods that can be used to eradicate silverfish depending on the environment and where the activity has been found.

Residual Spray: application of residual spray to areas where the silverfish have been found, and to the permiter of your property is the primary method of treating for silverfish.
Lures: using innovative trapping devices, lures come with an alluring scent which attracts silverfish to the trap.
Insecticide Dust: Application of insecticide dust into crack and crevices, wall cavities, roof voids and subfloors where silverfish are often found hiding is a common way to kill a silverfish population