Cat Flea

Cat fleas are often unable to determine whether a host is suitable until it has been bitten. If it is deemed unsuitable, the flea soon drops off.


  • Cat fleas are 3mm in length with long legs enabling them to jump long distances .
  • What differentiates a cat flea from most other fleas of domestic animals is it has both a genal and pronotal comb

Life Cycle

  • Fleas pass through four stages: eggs, larva, pupa, adult.
  • The eggs are small and white.
  • Adult fleas are woken up by the detection of vibration of pet or human movement, pressure, heat, noise, or carbon dioxide for potential blood meals.
  • A cat flea cannot complete its life–cycle feeding only on human blood – it also needs pet blood


  • Cat fleas are often found where the host sleeps and rests which is more then likely the cast basket.