A bee nest usually lasts one year on average, but in warmer climates such as Asia, the nests can last longer. Bees inside the nest will feel threatened and often become aggressive which can cause them to sting you as they defend their nest and young.

A sting from a bee can be very nasty, and even life threatening if you are allergic to the sting. that’s why it’s important to engage an experienced pest control company like Ecokil Pest Control if you think you have bees.

It’s common for bees to become detached from the main swarm and establish themselves underneath awnings, poles etc etc however without the queen bee the bees will generally move on without intervention within 24 hours.

In the evening is the best time to eradicate bees once they have returned to the hive.

How to identify if you have Bees

Most people know they have bees by either visual sighting of the bee, or noticing the actual bee nest. A mature bee hive in summer can contain thousands of bees, so it’s important to treat a bee hive early to reduce the threat of a bee sting, which can be very painful and even cause an allergic reaction that can lead to death.

To locate a bees nest, carefully watch the flight path of the returning bees, this becomes easier later in the summer as the numbers of bees increase.

Bees Species

In the Philippines there are numerous species of bees, however the main bee species that pose the most risk to humans and can cause structural damage to building include:

Treatment Methods

The best time to treat and eliminate a bee colony is in the evening once the bees have returned to the nest. Removing a bee nest can be very dangerous, and it’s highly recommended that an experienced pest control company be engaged to treat the problem and reduce the risk of you or your family being stung.