While there are around 23 known ant species in the Philippines, only a small minority of ant species are found in homes and businesses.

How to identify if you have Ants

Ants are most active at sunset and this is when they are most commonly seen in areas such as kitchens when they are looking for food. Ants are attracted to anything that is sweet and sticky and that’s why you normally find ants in areas where food is kept.

There are three distinctive signs that indicate if you have an ant infestation within your home or business.

Visual: If you’re seeing large numbers of live ants then potentially you have a problem. If you continually find ants in your kitchen, or in areas where food is prepared, then you need to do address the problem.

Ant Pathways:
Ant trails in and out of your home, or business, are also signs you could have an ant infestation. Some ant species will lay down a pheromone trail to a food source which leads other ants from the colony to the food source

Ant Nests: An ants nest appearance is like a small pile of soil or dirt which can be found on the ground and in gardens why some species of ants like to build their nests in walls or other quiet, dark places, which are more difficult to spot.

Ant Species

There main type of ant species found across the Philippines include:

Treatment Methods

Before any treatment is completed, it’s imperative to identify the type of ant species. Depending on the ant species will determine what type of treatment method will work best in the environment the ants are located.

Residual Insecticide Spray: This treatment method involves the application of insecticide spray to the external and internal perimeter of a building and establishing a residual barrier to protect the premise.

Ant Gel: This treatment involves applying gel to underneath benchtops, around kitchen appliances, and other areas where ant activity has been found. The ant consumes the bait and then through secondary poisoning kills other ants in the same nesting site.

Insecticide Dust: Application of insecticide dust into crack and crevices, wall cavities, roof voids and subfloors where ants are often found hiding is a common way to eradicate an ant population

Granule Baits : Application of granule baits to garden beds, along footpaths, building foundations, lawns and bases of tree where ants are often found hiding is a common way to eradicate an ant population